Propaganda for Download

General Flyers, Pamphlets, Posters


(the graphics below were all created by supporters and submitted to the RNC 8 Defense Committee)

  • RNC 8 “8 hands” logo by Ricardo Levins Morales: Download 137K JPG or 1.8MB photoshop file (for printing)
  • Defend the RNC 8 Wolverine JPG for all our Michigan friends, and wolverine-lovers
  • Support the RNC 8 Badger JPG for all our Wisconsin friends, and badger-lovers
  • Mouse holding “Support the RNC8″ sign JPG
  • Defend the RNC 8 flag JPG
  • Defend the RNC 8 8-ball and Sink the State! TIFs
  • “Conspiracy 8″ 1968–2008 poster PDF
  • “Defend the RNC 8–Or You’re Next” poster PDF
  • “Terrorists” We’re Proud to “Pal Around” With! JPG poster
  • Hands logo w/ text JPG | w/ community-solidarity-resistance lettering black JPG | green JPG
  • “Web of repression” – Defend the RNC 8¬†JPG
  • Republican National Convention 8 b/w 11×17 poster PDF
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      This page last updated 10/5/2010

      Propaganda Archive – old materials no longer in use, for the nostalgic and historically-minded

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