Gaertner Party Crashing #1 A Success! (plus press statement)

by Webmaster ~ December 2nd, 2008. Filed under: News.

Tonight’s rally/dance party outside Ramsey County Prosecutor and 2010 DFL Governor Candidate Susan Gaertner’s fundraiser was a success! At its height over 100 people were grooving their bodies at the gates of the Minneapolis Club, and making an unmistakable demand to Gaertner’s potential donors that she needs to drop all the RNC felony charges now. Nobody was arrested.

Here are some news reports about party crashing #1. (We’ll be back, Susan!)

Below is the statement read by the RNC 8 at their press conference before the rally on Tuesday evening.

It may come as a shock to those who are following our case to hear that we, the RNC 8, are officially endorsing Susan Gaertner in her candidacy for Governor of Minnesota. For those who do not know, Gaertner is the current Ramsey County District Attorney, and is responsible for the ridiculous charges against us, and all other people charged with felonies at the RNC in St. Paul. The charges we are facing, Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism, show that Gaertner’s ambition to serve the public is so extreme that it even extends into the absurd.

This may be even more flabbergasting in light of the fact that we just recently created a petition for Susan Gaertner to drop the charges against us. We were hoping this petition might work because we know how nice of a person Susan Gaertner can be, but more importantly we wanted to help her gain support for her candidacy amongst the prominent individuals that will shortly be lending their John Hancocks to our cause.

But enough about our troubles, the real important issue that we want to address here today is the need for a strong, principled Governor like Susan Gaertner. We want our state to be led by someone who isn’t scared to crack the whip, or baton, or concussion grenade, or tear gas canister, on lawless individuals, even if they are only exercising their right to free speech. We want a governor who believes in the law so staunchly, that she would be willing to try anyone on any law no matter how unconstitutional, or vague that law may be.
We chose to make this announcement today because we could think of no better birthday present for our favorite prosecutor and politician. We know that Susan Gaertner may have been a little worried about the problem a political prosecution like ours might mean for some of her more progressive supporters, so hopefully we eased some of those concerns today. From here on, we see our responsibility to Susan Gaertner as one of continuing this media spectacle. Because as long as our case stays in the media, and continues to remain high profile, then and only then, will Susan Gaertner receive the free publicity that she, as a committed politician, deserves.

Although we are not here to advance our own cause, we are not completely selfless individuals either. It may seem like we are sacrificing our own beliefs for the political gain of Susan Gaertner, but we really believe this can be a mutually beneficial relationship. Gaertner needs a conviction in a case as high profile as ours to salvage whatever integrity is left in the local law enforcement agencies, whose RNC security manuals were stolen directly from George Orwell’s 1984. And we benefit from the knowledge that Susan Gaertner, or better yet Governor Gaertner, remains terrified to the point that open, public, infrastructural protest organizing is considered a threat to the state and is worthy of prison time. We knew it all along; she is just getting the message out to a much wider audience for us.

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